Brown-sugared summer snow

Conveniently located on the second floor of Kousetsu-ichiba (the Public market), Shima-chaya is the favorite dessert spot for both the local and tourists. You can get a full cup of ice cream  with tropical fruit syrups, but the reason for my visit is always its Kokudou Zen-zai shaved ice.


You will find mixed beans cooked in sugar, Shirotama (mochi ball) that comes in different colors and rare flavors (turmeric, purple yam, and mugwort) that could only be found in Yaeyama islands. And the black sugar syrup produced in the neighboring Hateruma island, which is generously topped with the snowy shaved ice is simply divine. The air-conditioned restaurant with wifi and free magazine to read is the perfect summer retreat in the heart of Ishigaki downtown.

Shima-chaya しまちゃや

Time 11:00~19:00
Close on Opens everyday
Recommendation Kokudou Zenzai (黒糖ぜんざい)
Contact 0980-82-7707
Address 沖縄県石垣市大川208 石垣市公設市場 2F

2F, Kousetsu-ichiba

(Public market of Ishigaki city), 208 Okawa

  • Cash only
  • No Parking

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