Feeling the vibes of island blues in Bar Bb

Yaeyama Islands may be well-known for their San-shin accompanied the Okinawan folk music, but their modern music scene is far more rich and diverse than that. You can find many interesting music bars of various genres in downtown Ishigaki. (Don’t miss: Jazz Scarecrow and acoustic music bar Yamauchi Tsuruko)

Mr. Kaneoka Chikawo (known as Chikawo-san) was previously a cinematographer based in Osaka. He moved to Ishigaki in 2000 for his ex-girlfriend and a more relaxing lifestyle. Though the relationship didn’t last, encouraged by the active music circle on the island, he rekindled his romance with music. A big fan of 70s blues & rock, and an amateur saxophone player, Chikawo-san started a blues band with other local musicians. Supported by many friends and music enthusiasts, he renovated an old live house that was forced into closure and started running live house and music Bar Bb (yes, it’s named after the legendary  B.B. King) in 2015.


Bar Bb hosts many music events throughout the years.

Bar Bb is conveniently located on the main street of Misaki-cho, the busiest district of Ishigaki. After climbing a steep staircase, you will get to a common corridor that’s shared by Bb and another bar (Bar chaka chaka), and Bar Bb will be on your left-hand side.


Climb up the yellow stairs and you’ll find Bar Bb on your left-hand side.

The live space has a maximum capacity of 120 audiences, but it’s usually a much cozier place. Local musicians (and occasionally musicians from other parts of Japan ) have regular sessions on the weekends, but they also hold special live in the weekdays irregularly (check their Facebook for schedule). When there is no concert, you can still enjoy a pleasant chat with the staffs while hymning to the rhythm of blues.


Bar Bb also holds annual events such as Black Fest, featuring popular local heavy metal band BLACK RAIN. And this year it also held the mini tour live of an extremely popular Taiwanese rock band Fire E.X., which attracted many Taiwanese fans to join. Passionate about bringing more communication through music, Chikawo-san and his bar will continue to contribute to the diversification of music culture in Ishigaki.


Ishigaki’s extremely popular local heavy metal band – BLACK RAIN 


Special Live Performance by Taiwanese Punk Band – Fire EX.  Fire EX. Okinawa Mini Tour 2017


 Bar Bb


 20:00 ~ 2:00

Closed on



  •  Drinks from 500 yen
  • Concert ticket price 1000 yen +




 2F, 9-10-2 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki

 ※ No Parking, No credit card, Menu only in Japanese
※ In case of special live event, please book your ticket in advance
(Phone call or facebook message)

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