Fishermen’s exquisite dish: Natsuya

Uminchu, literally “the sea people”, is how they call fishermen in Okinawa. You’ll see that word being used again and again on signboards of restaurants as a proof for the freshest seafood. But freshness is only a prerequisite for delicious dishes; the way chef deals with seafood is the key to elevating our dining experience to the next level.

Natsuya has both advantages – seafood freshly caught and delivered daily by its owner/fisherman Mr. Endo, and a skilled chef – Jon san, who knows his fish so well that trying out his daily special menu is always a pleasant surprise.


Lost in the sea of menu? Get something to drink first. Their extensive list of  Japanese sake (, awamori(Okinawan distilled liquor) and beer (besides the Orion beer of Okinawa, they also offer have Yebisu and Ishigaki local draft beef as well) will not disappoint anyone, not to mention their exquisite appetizer – an assortment of lightly salted pickles of island vegetables.



For first-timers, it’s a good idea to get an assorted sashimi – usually with cattle fish, tuna, marlin one to two types of local white fish (grouper or something else) –  to sample the popular seafood brought by the warm currents of Kuroshio. Each fish is dealt differently according to its quality and texture. Even if you are not a fish offal lover, their shirako marinated in Ponzu vinegar may be your first successful attempt.


As if the excellent seafood is not enough, Natsuya also offers charcoal-grilled meat and seafood skewers over high-quality Binchoutan charcoal. You can ask for Yakitori of different parts of chicken– gizzards, cartilage, skin, chicken wings, meatballs – or go for the popular Ishigaki beef skewers. Their deep-fried maguro(tuna) Tempura, which is cut into finger-sized cubes, is also excellent. An Ochatsuke (seasoned raw fish and rice soaked in tea) brings this feast to a perfect end. If you want to try some special dishes, do check out chef’s daily menu, or ask the friendly staffs for more recommendation.

海人居酒屋なつや Natsuya

17:00 – 23:00
Closed on
not predetermined
  • Assorted Sashimi (sliced raw fish & seafood)
  • Grilled fish
  • Deep-fried Maguro Tuna Tempura
  • Charcoal grilled chicken & beef Skewers
  • Ochatsuke (seasoned raw fish and rice soaked in tea)
Average Budget: 2000 yen ~ 4000 yen (per person)
10-17, Misaki-cho, Ishigaki City
 ※ There is a service charge per person for the appetizers.
  • No parking, No credit card, menu available only in Japanese.
  • Seats are limited, reservation is recommended.

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