Hearty Yaeyama Style Beef Soup: Arakawa Shokudou

Gyujiru or beef soup is a popular local food of Yaeyama, and Arakagi Shokudou up in the north is perhaps the most famous gyujiru restaurant in Ishigaki, always packed with eaters during lunch time. If you couldn’t make it to Arakagi Shokudou,  Arawaka Shokudou is an equally good alternative in downtown Ishigaki.


Their gyujiru contains big chunks of softly stewed local beef and soup from which you can taste the natural sweetness of onions and other vegetables. With a bit of Pipatsu (island-pepper) and Kouregusu (Awamori with island chili) to spice it up, you’ll be sweating even more in the summer day, but it’s all worth it. You can also ask for fresh Yomogi (mugwort) at extra cost to improve the flavor, but some may not like its distinctive aroma.


Gyujiru with noodles (Gyu-soba) is a must-try local dish of Ishigaki. You can also pay a bit extra to get some Yomogi (Mugworts) as toppings.

They offer gyuriju with either rice or noodle (in this case, it’s called Gyu-soba), and traditional Yaeyama Noodle at fairly reasonable price. That’s why you see more locals than tourists in the restaurants. One word of caution, the serving size is fairly big. If you are a light eater, share it with a friend.


One of the favorite noodle place by local office workers

新川食堂 Arawaka Shokudou


Monday to Thursday 11:00~20:00

Sat, Sun & national holiday 11:00~15:00

Closed on


Budget (per person)

~1000 yen

Gyu-jiru (Beef soup with rice)

Gyu-soba (Beef noodles)

Contact 0980-83-7422

Not available



2376-16 Arakawa, Ishigaki City

  • Parking lots available (8 meters away from the restaurant)
  • No English menu
  • Accepts only cash

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