Midnight soul food in Banana Cafe

Banana Café may not provide trendy specialty coffee, but its unpretentious air, comfortable seats and convenient location (right at the corner of the street of Euglena Mall) makes it one of my favorite meeting places in Ishigaki. It’s also a great place to get some works done (Yes, free wifi is available.). The huge glass walls surrounding the cafe allows you to rest your eyes outside, and to feel the slow flow of island time.



dsc08617Ideal for nocturnal animals, Banana Cafe opens from 12:00 PM to 2:00AM. They offer a wide range of food menu ranging from pastas, sandwiches to desserts. For tea lovers, they also have the extensive tea menu in Ishigaki that takes you across Eurasia continent.

If you want to get tipsy, try their original cocktails mixing Awamori (Okinawan distilled liquor) and Seequasa lime. I also love the crossover of Guinness & Yebisu (half-half) that’s freshly infused into your beer glass.

To my delight, they even freshly steamed Shio-lon-pou (Chinese soup dumpling) that comes in the bamboo basket.

Hungry for some midnight soul food ? you’ll never go wrong with Banana Café.

Banana Cafe


Café & Lunch  12:00 ~ 18:00

(Opens from 14:00 on Saturday, Sunday & National holidays)

Bar & Dinning 18:00 ~ 02:00 (L.O. 1:00)

Closed on

Opens all year round

Budge (per person)

~1000 yen (drinks)


Herb tea

Draft beer: Guinness & Yebisu half-half

Food: Shio-lon-po (Chinese soup dumping 3ps)




沖縄県 石垣市大川269-8

269-8 Okawa, Ishigaki City

  • ž   Foreigner friendly –Menu is bilingual in Japanese & English and staffs can communicate in basic English.
  • ž   Free Wifi available
  • ž   Accept credit cards

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