Sanbashi Market


Held irregularly on the weekends ( Schedule ), Sanbashi Market is a welcome new addition to already abundant events and markets of Ishigaki.

It showcases some of the most representative island food and ingredients, pottery and handicrafts, all in the 100-meter long pop-up market right next to Ishigaki Ferry Terminal.  The colorful decoration of flags and lightbulbs reminds me of the night market of Portland, and the food offered here blends local specialty and exotic cuisine, creating an exciting new fusion of food culture.


The Vietnamese-style Bánh mì sandwich stall Baraque is one of the most popular stalls here.  Combining crispy baguette, pate made from local meats, pickled and herbs, this sweet-and-sour sandwich always attract long lines. Don’t be put off by the long queue, they issue cards with numbers on it, you can come back to claim your order later.


Thirsty? why not get a Yuzu-flavored Awamori at the stall local distillery Seifuku-shuzou? It can be enjoyed on rock (Rokku) or with soda (soda-wari) if you do not like the distinctive aroma of Awamori (however, the Yuzu-flavored Awamori is already fruity and mild).


 Do try their fish tempura or Kamaboko (fish cake) skewers, the freshness will blow your mind. Or the famous roasted Ishigaki beef skewers, which is fatty but not greasy. The best companion to skewers is locally brewed European-style beer – Ishigaki-Jima Chibeeru (石垣島地ビール), which offers many zesty flavors, the most popular one is Weizen(ヴァイツィン), which tastes similar to the Belgian white beer.

The naturally fermented yogurt ice-cream of Majyun-Kobo is my favorite dessert on the hot summer day. Or try the shaved ice with fresh mango topping (only available in summer).


Sanbashi market also offers a place for local artist to display and sell their work directly to customers, usually cheaper than in-store price. Fugamachi InnaBuku features the work of female artist Megumi Wazuko, who moved to Ishigaki 10 years ago to open her studio.  Her pottery work is inspired by the nature of Yaeyama, represented from the playful eye of a child. Her sensitivity is also shown in her use of colors, reflecting the seasonality in her imaginary world. Her items are not only for display but also extremely usable and light.


The market is opened from 15:00 until 21:00, so you can take your time to watch the sun goes down while sipping your glass of beer. Definitely not to be missed!

Sanbashi Market


15:00 – 21:00
Closed on
Held irregularly in the weekend
Check their latest notice here
  • Yu-zu Awamori of Seifuku-shuzho
  • Bánh mì sandwich of Baraque
  • Fish Tempura & Kamaboko Skewers
  • Yogurt ice-cream of Majyun
  • Pottery of Fugamachi Innabukku

 沖縄県石垣市美崎町 1−13

1-13 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki

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