Scarecrow: Jazz in the basement, with history.

Hidden deep inside the alley, Scarecrow, the southernmost  Jazz bar/ live house of Japan may be easily overlooked by unknowing tourists, but it’s a dream destination of musicians and Jazz fanatics from all over Japan.Scarecrow_Jazz-BarOn top of where it now stands, there once existed a legendary  Jazz bar called “Birdland “.  Its tiny counter was always filled with serious listeners, who came here solely for the music, even conversation was redundant. And among them, was the owner of Scarecrow — Mr. Imamura, then still a middle school student.  While Ishigaki island may be geographically isolated from the rest of the world, but it did not prevent Jazz from coming across the ocean  (renowned pianist Mal Waldron even came to Ishigaki to play under their keen invitation) and exerting great influence on a generation of local artists and music lovers. So when Birdland closed down some twenty years ago, Jazz lovers on Ishigaki were saddened by the loss of their music oasis. Mr. Imamura decided that he must create a new space to nurture the next generation of Jazz listeners, and thus the birth of scarecrow in 1998.DSC00936DSC00942Ready to enter a different universe when you opened the door of Scarecrow — the music speaks to you and you alone in the dimly lit basement, decorated with nothing but formidable collections of LP records and CDs, from the classics to the contemporary. Don’t be surprised if you hear and Miles Davis and Pat Metheny on the same night.Live performance of all genre (not only Jazz) is held irregularly in their basement. Do check their schedule in advance.


Concert space in the basement

DSC00966And I almost forgot this is a food blog. While they have quite a long list of Awamori, cocktails, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic drinks, they do not offer anything but finger food.  But I guess we can all endure a few hours without food when our heart and soul are undergoing the highest form of purification.





Jazz Bar すけあくろ Scarecrow

13:00 – 16:00
20:00 – 25:00
Closed on
once a week
(not predetermined)
Drink is never the point here
090-3797-8326 (Mr. Imamura)
沖縄県石垣市大川213−1 B1
B1 213-1, Okawa, Ishigaki City
* No parking, only cash
* Menu available in English

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