Souzai Cafe Sen: eat local, eat healthy, eat delicious.


In Japanese, Souzai means “everyday dish” that you’ll see on the table of each household.  Instead of traditional repertoire, Naru-san and Hifumi-San, the owner-chefs of Souzai Cafe Sen, bring the best of home-cooking with a creative twist to your lunch table. All the dishes are made with heart and a consciousness of nutritional balance. Every morning, they buy fresh vegetables (such as green papaya, bitter gourd and winter melon)directly from local farmers and improvise their menus depending on what they get on the day.


In  Souzai Café Sen, you can pick different side dishes on your plate, which comes with rice and soup. The price is 880 yen for all-you-can-take on your plate, which you can only take once.


It’s essentially Japanese home-cooking in its subtleness, yet their recipes are inspired by Western, Chinese, and Asian cooking: Thai-styled sweet and sour chicken, pepperoncino-style papaya stir-fry, Chinese steamed dumpling (extra charge) and Okinawan Shiri-shiri carrot salad go side-by-side. If lunch plate is too much for you, the dry green curry set is also a popular alternative, which is a “dry” version of Thai-style green curry made from chicken mince and island vegetables.


It’s opened from 11:30 until 19:00 with no break, ideal for a late lunch, takeout bento box or afternoon tea (Did I mention that they have mouthwatering hand-made brown sugar cheesecake as well?)


Souzai Café Sen そうざいカフェ・せん


11:30 – 19:00

(No break in between)

Closed on



  • Souzai Plate(with rice and soup) —880 yen
  • Thai-style Dry Green Curry(with rice, soup, and assorted side-dishes)—700 yen
  • Brown Sugar Cheese Cake—450yen



沖縄県石垣市大川278 森田ビル 1F

Okawa 278, Morita Building 1F

  • ž   Ideal for a smaller group of 4 people, since the table is limited.
  • ž    Souzai Plate is all-you-can-take, but you may take only once.
  • ž   Afternoon tea menu is also available.
  • ž   Take-away Bento Box is also available at 500 yen

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