A Fluffy Tofu morning

What’s the best timing to eat Tofu? No doubt, when it has just been made; when its surface is still moist and the texture soft, and the warmth is still there.

But to get the freshest Tofu, you need to be an early bird—a very early bird. I still remember my childhood experience  of shopping at the morning market in Taipei with my grandma—I was given the task of carefully gripping the plastic bag which held our Tofu, and throughout the trip home, I didn’t dare to run, fearing that I would break it before grandma turned it into my favorite dish. The warmth of tofu transmitted itself through the thin surface of the plastic bag to my thigh, and that became the source of my nostalgia. Now if you want to buy Tofu, you go to the supermarket and here they are—perfectly cubed and sealed in plastic boxes, waiting for you in the air-conditioned shelf.

When I moved to Ishigaki two years ago and saw that freshly made tofu in knotted plastic bag in the supermarket for the first time, I knew I found another good reason to love this place. Therefore when a friend told me about Tofu-no-higa—a Tofu factory that also runs a popular restaurant offering Okinawan-style Tofu meal from 6:30 in the morning—I went there immediately the next day. Only later did I realize that it’s opened until around 3 pm in the afternoon (or until sold out); there really is no need to get up so early. But the advantage is that you don’t need to wait and can slow down your pace of eating.


Okinawa is famous for Yushi-tofu, a fluffy tofu that still contains a lot of water as the hard-pressing process was skipped. The result is a soft and fluffy texture and high minerality, which makes the Tofu tastes slightly salty. It also claims a higher nutritional value as the soya milk used in production was more condensed and rich than its Japanese cousin.


I recommend the “Yushi-tofu Set Meal for the Elderly” (Otoshiyori-yushitofu-setto), a set meal that comes with a small bowl of rice porridge, Yushi-tofu and side-dishes of Okara (seasoned soy pulp) and Japanese-style omelet. For the drink—of course, you are going have the freshly grounded soya milk. And the good news—you don’t need to be over 60 years old to be eligible to order.

Yushi-Tofu Set Meal for the Elderly

It might be a bit of a challenge for some western tourists, but it’s nice to see what other culture define as the perfect breakfast. For Tofu-lovers, this is their soy heaven.

Tofu-no-higa とうふの比嘉


6:30~15:00 (or until sold out)

Closed on



“Yushi-tofu Set Meal for the Elderly”






570 Ishigaki, Ishigaki City

  • No credit card
  •  Parkings available

2 thoughts on “A Fluffy Tofu morning

  1. Dear Chloe Lee,
    thank you so much for your blog! Me and my husband are here in Ishigaki island – while i write this it is our last night here and we were so thrilled with your blog and all the places we menaged to visit were so great! We were in Tofu No Higa and we had our fluffy tofu morning! Your blog helped us so much to discover Ishigaki and to have such a great time- great food and a lot of fun! Now we are telling our friends to come here too! We are a young couple from Croatia- a land with thousant islands and we love island life very much!

    1. Dear Iva,

      I am so happy to hear that you had a great time in Ishigaki and my blog of be of some hel 🙂 If I weren’t studying in Tokyo right now, I would definitely want to show you guys around and take you to my secret spots haha! Yes, please spread the word out to Croatia, which I know to be also a beautiful country with wonderful natural scenery. In fact, my parents travelled to Croatia last November and they couldn’t stop telling me how great it was :))



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